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Dragon Ball

Watch the very first installment of Dragonball anime, all 153 episodes!

Dragon Ball Z

Watch the second installment of Dragonball anime. The power level of this saga is OVER 9000!!!

Dragon Ball Super

Watch the newest installment, ready to face a Super Saiyan God?! Bring it on!

Dragon Ball GT

Wait a minute… Super Saiyan 4??!! No way! What is that?! Watch the very last (according to timeline) installment of this anime.

Movies And Specials

Watch all of the movies and specials now! The return of Frieza?! Not again!!

Flash Games

Seen all the episodes already? Bored? How about play some insanely addictive games?! You won’t be able to leave the screen, I know I wasn’t! Play all flash games for fun!

Best Music Videos

Watch the best Dragonball music video on the net!

Naruto Shippuden

Join the Fire Nation and watch the latest episodes here.

One Piece

Watch the latest episodes of some other popular anime!

Hajime No Ippo

Like boxing? Then you will LOVE this anime! Check it out!

One Punch Man

Watch the latest episodes of this anime here!

Kenichi – The Mightiest Disciple

A disciple that is trained by several different Masters from different martial arts styles? That is Kenichi – History’s Strongest Disciple!

Tenjou Tenge

Watch this exciting fighting anime now!