Dragon Ball GT Episode 51

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Dragonball GT Episode 51
(Aired 07/02/97)

Ryuu Shinron! Daitatsumaki kogeki no jakuten o sakase
Ryuu Shinlon! Looking for the Big Tornado Attack’s Weak Point

New characters:
Ryuu-Shinlon: Originally, Ryuu appears as a pretty, dark-skinned
princess that provides a rain of fish to a small fishing
village. In fact, Ryuu is an ugly male demon that is
planning to take over the village by turning all of the
adults into alcoholics. Ryuu uses a hurricane attack.
His weak point is “the eye of the storm.”
AKA: Odo-hime-sama (Dancing Princess), and the #6 Dragon.

Bisshu: A young boy that lives in the fishing village. He cares
for the seagulls that have been threatened by Odo-hime,
and has begged his father to come back to his senses.
Bisshu is blond, small, and about Pan’s age. He has a
pet seagull named “Gull”.

The heroes have reached a deserted-looking fishing village. On one
hill is a boat that has been turned into a house, and there are many
eyes peering out from within its shadows. Pan is asking Gill where the
next Ball is, and the robot shows that they are very close, until it runs
out of energy. Gill asks for food, Pan complains that the robot is not
the only hungry one, and suddenly there is a rain of fish that buries
Pan (Pan can not stand rubbery things, and she freaks when an octopus
lands on her.) Just as suddenly, the fishermen run outside with carts
and load up while thanking their princess (Odo-hime-sama) for another
bounty. Pan wonders what’s happening, and complains of the slimy fish.
Gokuu is happy to be able to get his own armload of supper.
One of the men equates their princess to being a goddess, as he takes
a swig of whiskey. The guy’s son, Bisshu, comes out of the boat house
holding a seagull (named “Gull”.) He argues with his father, saying
that the princess acts strange, and he dislikes the fact that all of the
men have stopped working and turned into alcoholics. The guy won’t
permit his son to speak out like this, and throws the flask at him.
Gokuu catches the flask in his teeth (to avoid dropping his fish) and
mumbles out that adults shouldn’t treat children this way. The guy
tells Gokuu to run to his own daddy like a good little brat, and Gokuu
says that he is not a child. The townsfolk get bored and carry their
fish home.
Bisshu looks crushed, and Pan feels for him. Later, Gokuu is frying
up fish for himself, and eventually gives the frying pan to Gill to eat.
Bisshu explains that since Odo-hime-sama has arrived, the villagers
don’t leave their houses except to scoop up fish from the ground. Pan
asks what “Odo-hime-sama” is, and Bisshu doesn’t know. But, with all of
the free time they have now, the fishermen do nothing but drink all day.
(Plus, with all of the fish falling from the skies, the seagulls hide
inside the boat house instead of going out to fly.)
Gill finishes eating, and senses the approaching Dragon Ball. Bisshu
yells out that it’s Odo-hime-sama, but Gokuu feels a great evil coming
from her. Out over the sea, a pretty, blue-skinned woman with a
tentacle attached to her headdress is hovering over the water. As she
gets closer, she creates a whirlpool that throws fish into the air. She
also has a Dragon Ball in her forehead.
The fishermen run up again, but most of them are blocked by Gokuu and
Pan. A couple want to threaten the kids, but back down as Gokuu stares
at them. Then, the princess attacks Bisshu’s father and another man;
Gokuu and Pan catch them before they hit the ground. Gokuu tells them
that Odo-hime is not a princess, but is instead the “minus-energy
Shinlon”. The fishermen don’t understand this. However, they quickly
panic and run back home.
The princess confronts Gokuu and Pan, and Gokuu demands to know which
wish had brought her to life. She tries to avoid answering, but finally
blurts out that it was Uulong’s wish for a pair of panties. Gokuu is
amused at being reminded of something that happened so long ago, Pan is
embarrassed, and Ryuu is forced to live with this horrible secret. She
yells out that she’ll kill him now, and attacks with water missiles.
Pan and Gokuu try to get close to her, but are knocked into the water
somehow. Pan wonders if Ryuu is using a barrier, as the princess laughs

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Pan fires off a blast that gets blocked. So, Gokuu tries
Kamehame-ha, which is deflected towards Bisshu’s boat house. Pan saves
the boy and takes him to the village. Bisshu is surprised to find that
he is being carried through the air. Gokuu is impressed that Ryuu is so
good, and the princess announces another attack. Gokuu flies in, and
slowly freezes in place in the air. The wind picks up as the princess
starts spinning around. The wind slashes at Gokuu, ripping off his
clothes and flinging him away. Pan looks at her naked grandfather and
calls out “Time” in embarrassment. Ryuu also turns red, and waits for
Gokuu to get dressed in a spare set of clothes.
Pan asks if Gokuu is ok (actually asking if he can deal with the
princess.) Gokuu has realized that Ryuu is normally spinning around
very fast. Ryuu slows down to reveal that it is actually a very ugly
blue winged demon with the Dragon Ball in its chin. By spinning
quickly, it can float around, and it can also bend light to take on a
disguise. Ryuu speeds up again. Gokuu asks Pan to take care of Bisshu,
and he also spins up to give himself a tail of sand. He says that this
is an easy trick, and he and Ryuu start belly-bumping each other. Ryuu
is losing, so “she” speeds up further.
Ryuu’s tornado smashes Gokuu into a cliff, and he wonders where all
this power is coming from. He is helpless. Ryuu uses her cutting wind
attack again, and lops off the top half of the cliff. Pan and Bisshu
watch on. Then, Gull gets free and flies at Ryuu. The bird gets up
above the tornado and comes down the eye to peck at Ryuu’s head. Pan
apologizes for having to put Bisshu on her back, then zips in to save
Gull after Ryuu bats the bird away. Pan thanks Gull for showing her
Ryuu’s weak point.
Ryuu is helpless to attacks from directly above her head. Pan flies
over the eye, and yells out “Time” again. Ryuu wonders what it is now.
Pan uses Kamehame-ha. Ryuu panicks, unable to get out of the way.
Ryuu-Shinlon turns into a demon again. Gokuu apologizes for butting in,
and uses Kamehame-ha from the beach.
Ryuu is defeated, and the #6 Ball is blown away to the horizon. Pan
runs up to Gokuu, asking if he’d seen her perfect attack. She’s very
proud of herself, and Gokuu praises her.
Later, the villagers come out and apologize. Bisshu asks if they’ll
start fishing again, and his father says “sure”. Pan is about to say
something, and is interrupted as thousands of seagulls attack them. The
birds fly off, and Pan discovers that she is holding the #6 Dragon Ball
(it is sealed and has a healthy golden color again.) Before Pan can
leave, Bisshu asks her to come back and teach him to fly. Pan agrees,
and she and Gokuu fly off. The narrator tells us that three Balls are
down, but there’s still four strong enemy to face.