Dragon Ball GT Episode 59

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Dragonball GT Episode 59
(Aired 09/17/97)

Teki-ka mikata-ka… Oozaru bejiita Oo Abare
Friend? Foe?… Were-monkey Vejiita on the Rampage

Ii-shinlon stands off against the heroes and their families. People shift around into position in anger and fear. Gokuu is still blinded. Ii-shinlon starts laughing at them. Chi Chi asks Gohan who is stronger – Gokuu or the power-upped Dragon. Gohan can’t tell – they’re both pretty even. The Dragon laughs again, opens his hand, and creates a big wind that blows everyone away. Everyone except Gokuu, who tells Ii-shinlon that he’s the only one that the Dragon has to fight. Ii-shinlon says that It understands that, and is just clearing off the playing field. Gokuu yells out everyone’s name. There’s no answer. The Ii stops the wind, and a large section of rock collapses in reaction. The Dragon can’t believe Its new powers, which may be 2000 times greater than before. Gokuu congratulates It; they taunt each other a little, and then he powers up again, saying that he refuses to be defeated.
Gokuu bashes the Dragon, to no effect. It asks if he’s done, then uses Suu-shinlon’s fire talent to become red hot and burn Gokuu’s fist. Ii proceeds to demonstrate Its control of the other Dragons’ abilities; first freezing Gokuu in a block of ice, then zapping him around. It asks if the now-limp Gokuu remembers these attacks. Gokuu gets up, saying that while he remembers them, they’re not any stronger now. Ii gets pissed and bashes the blind Saiyan into a building.
Beederu, Gohan and Goten recover. Goten flies to save his father, but Gohan stops him, telling his little brother to believe in their father’s abilities. Goten pauses, uncertain. Ii-shinlon stomps forward to look at Gokuu, embedded in the wall of the building. It asks what’s wrong, whether he’s dead now. Gokuu twitches a little, answering that It hasn’t killed him yet. Ii-shinlon punches him once. Gokuu falls. The Dragon catches him, apologizes for being rude, then lets him drop to the ground. “Anyway, let’s continue this.” Gokuu struggles to get up, is fatalistic that some glass that just sliced open his thumb is causing him pain as well, then realizes that he can see himself in the broken glass – his eyes are working again.
The Dragon is willing to allow Gokuu one free attack. Gokuu feigns helplessness, so Ii-shinlon exposes Its chest and points out Its main weak spot. Gokuu opens his eyes and attacks with a Golden Dragon Punch.
Gohan and friends cheer Gokuu on, watching the pyrotechnics from afar. Gokuu, surrounded with energy that looks like a golden dragon, punches through Ii-shinlon’s chest and out Its back. The energy fades, and Ii blows up. Everyone yells out “You did it!”, except Satan, who says that he’d always believed that Gokuu would win. Pan, Chi Chi and Gokuu laugh at Satan, as little pink blobs fall to the ground and start reforming. Pan says that it looks like Buu when it reforms. Ii-shinlon pulls Itself together and berates Gokuu for attacking the wrong Dragon Ball. Gokuu wonders what he’d done wrong.

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Ii asks itself which Dragon Ball to employ, Gokuu yells for everyone to escape, and the #7 Ball lights up – blasting them all. The Dragon zips around to punch them all once per person, then smashes Gokuu to the ground. Ii descends to Earth to survey the carnage. No one moves, and the city lies in rubble. Finally, Gokuu staggers up, croaking out that he’s not finished off yet. Ii-shinlon emphasizes the “yet” part, and asks what Gokuu can do now in his battered state. Ii tries to elbow the Saiyan, but he flashes behind It and locks Its arms behind Its back. Gokuu asks the spirit of Vejiita to give him the suicide technique that the Saiyan Prince had used on Buu, and attempts to self-destruct. Gohan and the others have recovered again, and Gohan tells Chi Chi what Gokuu is trying to do. Chi Chi runs towards the battle, yelling for Gokuu to stop. Gokuu apologizes to her and keeps upping his energy output as Ii also tells him to stop.
Vejiita’s voice comes in, berating Gokuu – if Kakarot kills himself, then how will Vejiita be able to kill him? Gokuu relaxes as Vejiita zips in, and Ii-shinlon escapes. Vejiita says that the fight is going to really start from now, and Gokuu replies that the Prince won’t last one second against the Dragon. Vejiita asks if Gokuu thinks he’d come here without a plan of some kind. Gokuu reacts in horror, and Vejiita wonders why – becoming more intent on making his plan work.
Bulma arrives in her hover car, with her Chou Brutes Ha (Ultimate Brute Ray). Vejiita yells at her for being late, and she answers back that she’d still been tinkering with it. Vejiita floats into the air, commanding his wife to get on with it. Bulma activates the ray. Vejiita starts to change as everyone else looks on in wonder and horror. Gohan realizes that Vejiita is turning into a were-monkey, and Ii-shinlon looks on in evil anticipation. Gohan tries to get Bulma to stop this, since were-monkey Vejiita could end up killing them all. She replies that this is the only way one can go SSJ4. She thinks that her husband can pull this off. The beam fades, and Vejiita is a normal giant brown were-monkey, and his tail has grown back out. Trunks yells out “Father!” as the monkey fires mouth blasts around the ruins. One blast almost hits Ii-shinlon, and It is very surprised. Another blast hits the hover car, sending it to land on Satan.
Gokuu flies up to talk to Vejiita, and the monkey grabs him and squeezes. Ii laughs, asking if the idea had been to give It an ally. Vejiita regains control of his mind, asks if anyone had doubted him, and starts to focus again. Pan realizes that Vejiita is changing into SSJ4, just like her grandfather had. Bulma insults her husband for making her worry about him. The monkey turns Golden, then becomes a human-sized half-ape. Covered in red fur, with a bare chest and a tail, Vejiita says “Sorry for keeping you waiting, Kakarot.”
Bulma and Chi Chi fight over which of their husbands looks more cool. Satan gets between them and asks if he looks even more cool – the two women punch Satan in the face and tell him that he’s the number one worst. Gokuu and Vejiita look at each other, then power up to SSJ4. Pan thinks that their powers will tear up the planet. The forces cause everyone to go flying. Ii-shinlon is happy.
Vejiita adds that there’s one more thing he wants to say. If they continue their strategy as before, they can’t win. Gokuu is willing to try, and Vejiita says that he wants to do Fusion with Kakarot