January 14, 2017

Our Team

Kffaner (Owner and Admin)

I loved anime since the day I saw Dragon Ball playing on TV at my hometown. I would run home, skip class, from school just to get there on time to see the next episode. My passion for Dragon Ball is what inspired this site. I want everyone to have access to this amazing series, and if you love it, go ahead and support the official release by purchasing their Blu Rays/DVDs.  I am a fair admin, I want you guys to have fun and enjoy this site, but if you break the rules, you will feel the wrath of Beerus! Muahahahaha!

Champa (Moderator)

It all started when I was a kid watching Cartoon Network and Dragon ball popped up, there was just something about it I loved. Goku and Vegetas rivalry made me want to watch more, and also how much food they would eat. Also, seeing how every character grows into the person they are.

RussianKid (Moderator)

Hello people, my name is Roman, yes I'm really Russian and no I'm not rushing to get through this. I've been a Dragon Ball fan since the beginning of my time. It's funny, the plot is pretty funny and unexpected especially in Super. I'm a somewhat of a nice person; jkjk I'm a very nice person. Btw everyone on this site are slugs.

Cha cha real smooth.

NoHan (Moderator)

Hello, I'm Mason, a 20 year old guitarist from Arizona who loves Dragon Ball and Naruto more than he loves ramen. I am really excited to be apart of this community and I am extremely happy I was invited to the team. My goal is to make sure that I can help make this website as good as it can be so other Dragon Ball fans can enjoy the show and also be apart of a really amazing community. Also, if you ever want to know if Yamcha is canon or not, just shoot me a PM. I can write you an essay on why he isn't.

Lord Gotenks (Admin)

Hi guys, my name is Matt. I've been a fan of the Dragon Ball series since I was a child and was couldn’t have been more excited when the dragon ball super series finally came out. Which lead me to find this website haha. I’m very knowledgeable of the entire series and can answer any questions you may have. Have fun and You Stay Classy San Diego.

Blizz (Moderator)

Greetings! I'm Blizz, and I do most of my work in the shadows. I'm lending a helping hand here on DBC because I enjoy the provided content and wish to help DBC continue providing it for the foreseeable future. Peace.

TheJourneyForward (Moderator)

Hello, I'm TheJourneyForward, but you can call me Journey. I discovered the DBZ anime in the mid 90's and it sparked my interest in the anime genre. I was banned from watching DBZ by my parents due to the violent content, but like most kids my age, I ignored them and watched it anyway. I'm thrilled that Toei Animation decided to revive the series in Dragon Ball Super. I'm very knowledgeable about the series and the DB universe and keep up to date with the manga and news regarding DB Super, so if you have any questions, I am your go-to gal!

Lord Black (Moderator)

Hey guys, my name is Luke. I was initially introduced to Dragon Ball by my brother, who is a few years older than me. Since that fateful day, a great portion of my childhood was revolved around the show. I loved the aspect of the show, the fights, the companionship, the delicious looking food, etc. I am very knowledgeable of the show (mostly DBZ) and can answer any questions you may have. I am fully prepared to help anyone on this site in any possible way I am able. Have fun watching a timeless anime that has been in everyone's childhoods since the 80's!